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Plagiarism is a scourge for many students who struggle to make their works original and compliable with all academic requirements. To prove they put lots of effort into their writing, they need to format their papers properly-which also includes correct quoting and referencing. Here is where you need a magical tool that would generate citations for you.

It actually exists! Our Educat citation generator is right what you need. It is an automatic system that is easily accessible and can turn materials from any source into correctly formatted citations with just a click. As a result, you can delegate any routine work of formatting all of your references to the automated system.

Why Do You Need to Cite the Sources You Use?

Every source that somehow contributed to your paper should be referenced appropriately. When you list all of the works you have used, it shows that you know how to back your arguments and refer to other credible sources to support your ideas. Along with that, referring to diverse sources in your paper helps to show the breadth of your investigation on the topic.

Also, it's the same as using someone else's property-you shouldn't do it without the owner's permission. When it comes to works published online, they are publicly available. But, they are still the authors' properties protected by copyright laws. Hence, when you use materials from a source, you need to make sure you give proper credit to the author.

Note that you essentially commit intellectual property theft even when you rewrite someone else's ideas with different words. When you think nobody will notice it, plagiarism detecting software can check your text and show that it is not original. Or, your teacher or professor may recognize the passage they've already seen many times in different configurations. In any of such cases, you may face disciplinary action and will likely end up getting a bad score or even being excluded from your school or college.

The only exception to the rule is when you want to include supposed common knowledge in your writing. That means when you write that the sky is blue and the grass is green, you don't have to reference the source of such information.

How Does the Citation Generator Work?

When you need to quote works that contain a piece of relevant data in your paper, our citation maker draws it into a fully-formatted reference. You can easily cite a wide range of sources in your work, regardless of if it is a book, journal, article, website, or anything else. When you type the identifier or the title of the work you would like to cite, the machine accesses the information on the net to take all of the necessary data about the source. Then, it generates a properly formatted reference to include in the list at the end of the text or parenthetical citation to place in the body of your writing.

Here is how you can make use of our citation machine alternative:

  1. Find a book or any other work that will contribute to your piece of writing.
  2. Save the quote or other information you are going to use to include the citation in your writing.
  3. Save the info about the source to find it again (it may be ISBN, DOI, etc.).
  4. Format the info you need into a reference with the use of our citation creator.
  5. Copy the reference and paste it into your text and your reference list, bibliography, or the works cited page.
  6. Do the same to cite multiple sources retrieved from URLs.

Example 1

If you need the Educat citation generator to cite a book, and it is set to APA format citation, you will get a full reference in that chosen format. A basic entry for a book in the APA reference list looks like this:

Author's last name, the first letter of the author's first name. (Year of publishing). Source title. Place of publishing: publisher.

By using our citation generator, you will also get an in-text citation to place in your APA style paper. For instance, if there are several authors, it will have a following look:

(First author followed by "and " and the last name of the second author, year of publishing).

Example 2

If you choose the Chicago style, which implies using footnotes, the generator will quickly provide you with a full reference to slot in the reference list or bibliography. The basic bibliographic entry for a book will have the following structure:

Author's name. Title of the source. Place of publication: publisher, publication date.

Also, our generator will enable you to place the appropriate footnote at the bottom of the works cited page. Chicago citation examples will have the following structure:

The number of the reference entry. First name and last name of the author, source title, (place of publication, publisher, year of publication), page number.

Who Needs the Citation Generator?

Our generator will become a handy citation tool if you:

  • Don't know how to appropriately cite various works used for your paper;
  • Have only a little bit of time left and need to cite sources quickly and with ease;
  • Have a lot of time but want to avoid spending it on routine formatting work and would instead focus on excelling in your studies;
  • Want to make accurate and complete citations to raise your chances of getting a good grade that would reflect your hard work on the assignment;
  • Realize that formatting a paper is not only about using Times New Roman font and formatting the title page but also taking into account a lot of other requirements;
  • Don't want to format everything manually and are looking for a foolproof solution that will automate the process for you.

How to Use the Educat Citation Generator

When you visit our Citation Generator page, you will see three windows with options:

  • Citation Styles (including APA, Harvard, Chicago, MLA style, and others)
  • Source Type (you can select a book, a journal, a dissertation, a court case, an e-book, a PDF file, a video, or any other type of information)
  • Identifier ( ISBN, for instance, 978-3-16148410-0, or a book title)

After you indicate the citation style, the type of source, and the identifier, you will see the name of the book, the publisher, the place, and the period of publication. Then, you need to insert the very quote you used in your paper, and voila, both references (in-text and works cited) are generated. Lastly, you can copy them by clicking an icon below the quote!

Please note: you can generate one reference a day if you are an unregistered user. But, if you create a free account with Educat, you'll be able to use the citation management software as many times as you need. Also, you'll be able to choose many more styles - parenthetical, footnote, and plenty of others. The details of your personal account are available in the top right corner of the site.

The Benefits of our Citation Generator

  1. It has an accessible interface that makes it very easy to use.
  2. It provides all information based on a unique identifier and enables you to easily select any necessary sources from the search results.
  3. When you don't know the identifier, you can enter any source details manually.

Leave all your academic worries to our Educat citation tool!